Dylan Hughes



Thank you for visiting the Luanda International School website. On this site you will learn that the school offers the three IB programmes throughout the age range and that these programmes are currently the best available for ensuring a quality, rigorous academic curriculum in an international context. These programmes ensure that our students have the best chance for a smooth transition from one year to another, from one country to another and perhaps most critically, from school to college or university.

You will also read of a school which, even after just a few years of existence, is already adding to an impressive list of facilities; of a school prepared to search the globe for professional, internationally-minded teachers with a proven ability to care, encourage and inspire; of a school dedicated to learning in its broadest sense where students are participating in a range of sporting, cultural and social activities designed to broaden outlooks and garner an appreciation of the world around them. It should also be clear that the school puts the safety and security of its students as its utmost priority but still provides the opportunity for inquiry, experimentation and play in a well- protected but not totally stifling educational environment.

However, even the best designed websites are exactly that – designed, and without visiting or being part of our school you are unlikely to find out all you need to know about us. If you do get the opportunity to visit us here in Angola I hope you will discover two things that set Luanda International School apart and make it just that little bit “special”.

Firstly, happy school communities require a strong sense of cooperation and common purpose. Throughout the school there is a refreshing commitment to foster student engagement through hands-on enquiry and a desire to promote academic achievement through understanding not repetition. The common purpose that fosters this has now evolved through a forward-looking board, a very hands-on PTA and a talented and committed teacher body. Secondly, the school has real ambition. This is shown not just by the enormous investment in buildings, programmes and teachers over the past four years but also by a genuine desire of all members of the school community to see the school engage in continuous improvement. Resting on laurels is not an option.

Luanda International School is an exciting school in an exciting country. A curriculum based on understanding, teachers intent on building a rapport with their students, secure well-resourced premises and all within what could well be one of the world’s greatest classrooms, Angola.