Celebrating the Year 6 Journey

  • 14 Jun 2024

This Monday, we joyously celebrated our Year 6 students as they embarked on their journey toward secondary school. The ceremony was a beautiful blend of fun moments and shared memories. 

The Year 6 students reminisced about their primary school journey, expressing gratitude for the friendships and experiences that will last a lifetime. Their reflections were touching, as they thanked the community for providing a nurturing environment that fostered such deep connections.

We are proud of the PYP Class of 2024 for their remarkable impact on our community. Their efforts in fundraising events, charity projects, and leadership activities have set a high standard for the younger students, exemplifying strength, unity, and a spirit of fun.

The event also highlighted the bravery and confidence of our Year 6 class. Dressed in their amazing outfits, they delivered impactful speeches that moved everyone in attendance. Their words reflected maturity and readiness for the challenges of Year 7, leaving no doubt that they are prepared for the next chapter in their educational journey.

Congratulations, Year 6! You have shown what it means to be part of our community, and we look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you will achieve in secondary school and beyond.