Year 9 Designers Make a Difference: Craft Fair Raises Over One Million Kwanzas

  • 19 Jun 2024

What a way to end the year for our outstanding Year 9 Design students!  Their second semester project was not just about design, it was about making a real difference. The students embarked on a thoughtful journey, visiting the Kalemba Radical community, interviewing its youth members, and then channeling their findings into a curriculum-integrated fundraising mission. 

They researched, designed and then handcrafted high-quality wooden handicrafts. These thoughtful creations were a huge hit with the LIS parent and student community, as the Y9 Design Community Project Craft Fair raised over one million Angolan kwanzas! This incredible sum will be used to purchase much-needed educational school supplies for the Kalemba Radical youth.

Congratulations Year 9 Design students, as you have  not only honed your design skills, but you have shown the power of empathy and design thinking in action.

Oscar Sala