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Zach Fihosy

Design and Visual Arts Teacher (2023)

"LIS is truly a one of a kind school. From day one you are made to feel welcome by students, staff and the beauty of the LIS campus. In addition, life on school campus has much to offer, from the wide selection of after school activities; the many displays of learned sharing evenings; to the multitude of opportunities for staff across school sections to get to know one another whether it's through touch rugby, football, yoga etc... All of this guarantees there's never a dull moment here at LIS. Glad I was able to witness and experience all of the wonderful things that make LIS great."

Liliana Meira

MYP & DP Language Acquisition & Language and Literature Teacher (2023)

"LIS was the first International School that I worked in and I couldn't have asked for a better place to start with. At LIS I grew as a professional, as an educator, and as a human being. Although the country where it is located might be challenging, we receive a lot of support. Besides, the senior leaders are caring, the community is vibrant and welcoming, and the students are kind and very respectful. It is the perfect place to challenge ourselves if we want to as the opportunities to try different roles arise frequently. It's not with no reason that I ended up staying for seven years and that I will miss working there. I am very excited about the new chapter of my professional life but I am also very grateful for the amazing experience that I had at LIS."


Ali Shebani

Co-curricular Programme Coordinator (2023)

"To me being at LIS is like being part of a large family! There is always so much going on that keeps everyone active and busy with a variety of different community minded initiatives!"

Ester Gabriel

Accounting Payments Specialist (2023)

"A good working environment among the team, there is exchange between colleagues. It's like a family! I have been here for many years (17) and during that time I have never had any problems at team level and working environment. It has always been cool to work here at LISA!"


Jessy Mendes

Teaching Assistant (2023)

"I joined the LIS family in 2019 and felt really welcomed by the community. despite the vast diversity of people and students who come from all over the world, the LIS community is one place where everyone is loving, caring and United. The work place is a clean and eco friendly making it always ready for whatever community members need to throw or do at it. The LIS community is one place you can get to challenge yourself while learning from students and using IB Learner attributes as a tool of guidance for a productive personal growth. Such support has made the community is a place we can all call home."

The workshop I led was simply amazing, thanks to the incredible LIS teachers. Their boundless creativity, infectious enthusiasm, and strong critical thinking skills added depth to the sessions. They exemplified the IB student profile and ATL competencies, fostering collaboration and embracing diverse perspectives. I left each session feeling energized, with a renewed sense of purpose.

Hulya Salt, Responsible for the IB Workshop ‘Living and Learning Globally’ (2023)

The LIS community is incredibly welcoming, and the teachers are truly engaging and dedicated. Their care for students and each other creates a safe, nurturing environment where vulnerability is embraced, ultimately enhancing the emotional and social learning skills of the entire community.

Morag Mikey, Responsible for the IB Workshop ‘Social and Emotional Learning’ (2023)

It was a pleasure to work with LIS leaders on the category three Understanding Leadership workshop in October. The team was enthusiastic, cohesive and authentic. The group analysed and considered theory and practice of leadership in IB schools. In addition, individuals reflected on and developed their own leadership capabilities. It was an intensive two days, and we all learned a lot. I am sure that with such a committed skilled leadership team, your LIS students and colleagues are in good hands moving forward.

- Stuart Pollard, IB Workshop Leader, Understanding Leadership

I had the pleasure of delivering PD on Inquiry in the MYP to the teachers at LIS. The teachers were highly committed to continuously developing professionally and were enthusiastic and open-minded to new approaches to teaching. The school modeled excellence in their IB approaches to teaching and collaboration with impressive IB expertise across various levels of school leadership

- Sinéad Kehoe, IB Workshop Leader