Our campus is modern, colorful and functional, allowing students to fully embrace the LIS learning experience. The decoration of some elements reflects the national culture of which we are proud. It offers green, landscaped, leisure areas for students to rest between classes, and also allows them to have fun or explore the elements of nature during class.

Experience Our Campus

LIS has Primary and Secondary School levels. Primary is further divided into our Early Years Center for younger students and Years 1 - 6 for older Primary students. The schools are situated on one campus with 16 buildings directly related to classroom learning and 9 buildings related to support services, providing safe learning-centered environments for each of the school sections. Our campus features:

  • 2 well-resourced libraries. (Primary and Secondary sections)
  • Design Technology rooms.
  • Science labs.
  • Specialist classrooms for languages.
  • Music studios.
  • Visual and Art studios.
  • Sustainable thinking and critical to dicission making and actions.
  • IT Center
  • 1 Theater.
  • Outdoor swimming pools, 1 half olympic size and 1 for Early Year students.
  • A large double gymnasium with a fitness centre and a smaller gymnasium for PYP.
  • Double Outdoor Basketball court.
  • Full-length football field.
  • Cafeteria and dining room.
  • Indoor and outdoor Lounges.

Maintenance of our facilities, as well as campus growth projects, are focused on making the school even more environmentally friendly, reflected in the high quality of teaching by our faculty and learning by our students.


LIS has 2300 solar panels that work as our main source of energy. The solar photovoltaic system works in parallel with the national energy supply. The system is able to produce more energy than is needed for the school